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Academy / Training

As a French leader in the field of risk management training, APAVE contributes to improving performances by means of competency development.

The training is carried out by our in-house professionals who work on and manage our clients concerns on a daily basis.

We offer more than 8000 courses worldwide in many languages on the following:

  • Technical competencies (electricity, Mechanics, Hydraulics, Welding, NDT etc)
  • Risk Management & Prevention for industry (OSHA, Hazop, Atex etc)

Our training and certification activities are ISO9001 and ISO EN 17024 certified and our training reference systems include: IEC, EN, BS, ASNT, ASME, API, HSE, OSHA, OSHS 18001 and all relevant codes of practice.
We are member of a number of societies, associations, and/or committees for example ASNT, ASME, COFREND, API, AFNOR, AWS, NACE, TH Hill, LEEA.

Apave Gulf is offering various Quality & HSE related courses to serve the industry in Oman. 

“The Apave Gulf approach is also cost-effective. We offer the best training services with a minimum cost.
Below is a non-exhaustive list of the most required and delivered training subjects:

  1. Electricity
    1. Preparation for the authorization of electricians and non electricians
    2. Fundamentals of electricity
    3. Lightning protection systems
    4. Grounding & bonding
    5. Explosive atmospheres
    6. Electrical safety on construction sites


  1. Lifting
    1. Risks related to lifting
    2. Scaffolding inspector
    3. Daily inspection of lifting equipment
    4. Rigging level 1 and level 2
    5. Rigging loft management
    6. Slinging
    7. Best practice for safe packing and handling of cargo to and from offshore


  1. Techniques
    1. Defensive driving
    2. Forklifts operator
    3. Manlifts / Work platform / Scissor lifts / Aerial lifts operator
    4. Mobile cranes operator
    5. Overhead cranes operator
    6. Auxiliary cranes for loading operator
    7. Offshore cranes operator
    8. Mobile cranes operator
    9. Maniscopic handler operator
    10. Scaffolding fitter
    11. Crane familiarization and wire rope inspection
    12. Equipment installation / maintenance


  1. HSE
    1. Confined space entry
    2. Excavation, trenching and shoring
    3. Radiation protection
    4. Transport, storing and handling of dangerous goods
    5. COSHH - handling of hazardous materials
    6. Asbestos exposure
    7. Asbestos safety
    8. Authorization to work at height
    9. Ergonomics
    10. Gestures and postures
    11. Manual handling
    12. Hand injuries / most common accidents
    13. Slips, trips and falls
    14. Table saws
    15. R-CAT analysis technique (cause tree analysis)
    16. Isolation and lockout
    17. Permit to work
    18. Hot works: welding, cutting etc
    19. ABCs of fire extinguishers / Basic fire fighting
    20. First aid
    21. Flammable & combustible liquids
    22. HSE site induction
    23. Respect of the environment
    24. HSE management
    25. Safety in storage management
    26. Risk awareness and prevention
    27. Risk and human factors
    28. Accident investigation
    29. Safety engineering
    30. Cargo carrying unit
    31. Chemical risk prevention
    32. Handling gas cylinders
    33. Risk assessment in construction
    34. Biochemical hazards in construction
    35. Concrete safety production and working instruction
    36. Construction machinery safety
    37. Construction site environmental health and safety inspection (safety walk down)
    38. Floor & wall openings
    39. Construction traffic control
    40. Rebar coating safety
    41. Hand power tools
    42. Hand tools
    43. Demolition safety
    44. Emergency planning for construction
    45. Crisis management and communication
    46. Oil spill response principles & management and/or oil spill clearance
    47. Drilling and work over rigs
    48. Working in above normal temperatures
    49. Mining safety
    50. Environmental awareness
    51. Waste treatment and sorting
    52. Hazard waste operations and emergency response
    53. HAZOP member training – Hazards in operations
    54. HAZOP leader
    55. Industrial hygene
    56. Safety in storage management
    57. Safety in pressure testing
    58. Motor vehicles, machinery and mechanized equipment safety (terrain, utility and other specialty vehicles)
    59. Plant and equipment inspection safety


  1. Management
    1. Strategic business plans
    2. Time management
    3. Introduction to ISO Generic Standards
    4. Internal audit for Quality Management Systems
    5. Warehouse management
    6. Organizing a construction site safety (how to write HSE plan that works)
    7. Safety management for safety personnel


  1. Management Systems
  1. ISO 9000:2008  Internal Auditor
  2. ISO 9000- QMS Lead Auditor
  3. OSHAS- 18001 Occupational Health & Safety
  4. ISO 22001:2005- Food Safety management System
  5. ISO 27001 Information Security Management System
  6. ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems


  1. Non-Destructive Testing
    1. Radiographic Testing LI & LII
    2. Radiographic Film Interpretation
    3. Ultrasonic Testing LI & LII
    4. Penetrant Inspection LI & LII
    5. Magnetic Particle Testing LI & LII



  1. Inspection
    1. API 510- Authorized Pressure Vessel Inspector
    2. API 570- Authorized Piping Inspector
    3. API 653- Authorized Storage Tank Inspector


Note: Any training program can be adapted according to the client needs. Tailor made courses for customers specific needs also can be organized on request.

For more information, please contact Apave Gulf

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